Integrated PFM Can Help Mitigate Fraud Cost and Exposure

Submitted by Amy Hibbard on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 15:45

There is plenty of talk about cybersecurity both internally and externally. And it’s no surprise that cybersecurity in the financial sector, in particular, is a huge industry. Cybercrime, in general, is a $600 billion industry, and at some point in all those breached accounts and all that compromised security, financial institutions will pay either directly or indirectly.

PFM Campaign Participants See Lift

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 14:58
We're big believers in providing marketing guidance for our clients. Each quarter we offer a no-cost marketing campaign for PFM clients, which includes artwork and copy, that clients can use "as is" or edit as needed. Ideally financial institutions should be building their own digital banking or PFM campaigns, but we realize how busy clients can be and how stretched their resources can get. Effectiveness of the no-cost PFM campaigns is illustrated in this infographic. Financial institutions that joined the effort, saw increased PFM adoption and increased feature usage.