April 24, 2018

In this installment of Geezeo One-To-One, Amy Hibbard spoke with Robb Gaynor, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Malauzai, a technology company that provides innovative mobile solutions for community financial organizations. They discussed what the bank of the future looks like and how financial institutions can leverage technology.

Geezeo: What does the bank of the future look like?

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ONE-TO-ONE WITH GEEZEO: Theodora (Theo) Lau

April 17, 2018

In this installment of Geezeo One-To-One, Amy Hibbard spoke with Theodora (Theo) Lau, Founder of Unconventional Ventures, to discuss the benefits of technology and innovation for older demographics and how it can empower them to create the financial future that they want.

Geezeo: Do you see technology moving to meet the unmet needs of older adults? Or do you think there is still considerable work to be done?

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4 Points to Help Your Staff See The Value of Leveraging Fintech

March 26, 2018

Financial institutions have been upping their fintech game and digital strategy efforts for years now. Whether it’s taking advantage of the cloud, mobile banking or data analytics, the tools, solutions, and technologies available are expanding at an intimidating rate for smaller FI’s that rely on their marketing and IT teams to wear a lot of hats.

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The Future of Lending: Small Is Beautiful

February 28, 2018

Geezeo CEO Shawn Ward is heading to Nashville, TN to the NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference where he’ll be presenting as well as moderating a panel discussion with Adele Glenn from Credit Human on March 6. Before he left, we had a chance to ask him a few questions on what he sees as the next phase of mobile-first and data enrichment as they start to make real inroads into the digital financial management space.

Here’s what he had to say:

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FinTech Offers Relief for Millennials’ Financial Challenges

January 17, 2018

According to Forbes, millennials' top 3 fears are: debt, affording rent, and budgeting.

While the first two are fears based on existing challenges, the third may well supply the solution for the former two, especially given the tools that are available through digital financial management tools.

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One-to-One with Geezeo: James Robert Lay, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Growth Institute

January 3, 2018

When you have the opportunity to ask some of the most interesting people in financial services and Fintech about where the industry is headed, sometimes fascinating insights are revealed. One-to-One with Geezeo is an ongoing series that gives our friends, clients, and partners an opportunity to share their experiences and their knowledge to gain an idea of where this exciting industry is heading.

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Get Through Black Friday Without Getting Black & Blue

November 21, 2017

Don’t Fall Into the Black Friday Trap

Holidays, and in particular, holiday spending can leave your budget seriously bruised…even if you do hit all the sales.

Remember, the stores are offering these great bargains out of the goodness of their hearts. They’re doing it to get you to their stores (or websites) to sell you stuff beyond the 55-inch 4k, 3D capable OLED television for $49. I mean, if you saved hundreds on that, you have hundreds of ‘extra’ dollars, right? And where better to spend it than the store that ‘gave’ you all that extra cash?

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One-to-One with Geezeo: Dr. Julie Gurner, Personal Development Thought Leader

November 13, 2017

Companies go through growth stages; lifecycles of peaks and valleys that cause it to ebb and flow with the current of the competitive landscape. Being a leader who keeps enthusiasm up as a company grows is important. In this installment of One-To-One with Geezeo, Amy Hibbard talked with Dr. Julie Gurner, a thought leader in personal development and company culture about how exceptional workplaces come from exceptional people.

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Women in Tech: Diversity Leads to Better Innovation

November 1, 2017

A few years ago, in the audience at a local tech conference in my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia (the home of Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia), I was joined by co-workers from the small app-development group where I was a partner and the only woman employee. The panel discussion was about how to attract tech talent to smaller communities, and was comprised of about five leaders from area tech companies. Not surprisingly, all men.

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September 13, 2017

I used to simply compare the price tags on organic, eco-friendly, sustainable products to ones that weren’t and always chose the cheaper option. Basically, I avoided sustainable items because I wanted to get the best deal.

However, once I took a hard look at my spending, I realized that even though I was being cost conscious, buying cheap, disposable items, I wasn’t necessarily saving money. Surprisingly, one thing that really helped me shine a light on the reality of my spending was becoming more earth conscious.

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