What Can You Learn From Amazon?

October 17, 2016

Dominance in the search channel has been a major key to Amazon’s success. Amazon’s reach has grown so much that it has changed the shopping habits of an increasing number of consumers. A recent survey by BloomReach, Inc. found that the number of consumers who begin their online search for a product with Amazon increased from 44% to 55% between 2015 and 2016.

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Insight on Increasing Traffic to Your Site

October 3, 2016

Directing traffic to your site is always a battle, but with increased usage of mobile devices and apps the already difficult task of driving consistent traffic to your domain has no-doubt become even more difficult. This article will, in part, discuss how properly using custom content can counteract traffic diversion and also touch on the statistics you should pay attention to for increased knowledge about how, where and why your site is being viewed.

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September 28, 2016

Braintree, MA, USA September 28, 2016 - Geezeo, a leader in FinTech and data-driven content, along with its partner King Fish Media, a digital and content-management agency, have announced they’ve added Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union and Pen Air Federal Credit Union as clients. Working together, Geezeo and King Fish Media are creating editorial strategy and marketing solutions for both credit unions, delivering clear information paths that are customized for each target audience.

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Small Business Banking: Antique Americana Fueled by FinTech

May 23, 2016

Poking around the rusty tools of a farm auction might be the last place you’d expect to find financial apps. But don’t be fooled. The scruffy guy with the country accent didn’t just bring his cousin and his pickup truck. He also brought his smartphone loaded with apps to find value on every item in the barnyard and his mobile banking app to see how high he can bid.

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Sizing Images for Social Media

May 6, 2016

Let’s talk about social media, shall we? By now, FIs know it’s extremely important to have a social media presence, but the task of keeping each platform up to date gets complicated very quickly, especially because the popularity of individual social platforms tends to ebb and flow. Even more frustrating, the content you use for each individual social media platform should be different--otherwise why would your customers follow more than one?-- and each platform is constantly changing its formatting.

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Financial Literacy Starts at Home

April 22, 2016

If you have kids, chances are you’ve experienced a serious case of the “I Wants” when shopping with them. What exactly are the “I Wants?” Well, it’s when you go to the store with your kid in tow and they suddenly HAVE TO HAVE everything they see.

It was after one particularly annoying trip to Target for light bulbs and milk with my then 4-year old that I decided I either needed to stop taking him into stores, or I was going to have to help him better understand money.

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Six Ways to Kick-Start Your Site Audit

March 31, 2016

Since the creation of the world wide web (W3) occurred over twenty-five years ago, it’s safe to say most businesses have a web presence, however small, that can withstand slow and steady increases in internet functionality. Unfortunately, fast-paced tech innovations are more commonplace than slow and steady growth, which means keeping up with your site can be a slippery slope.

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Permalinks Explained

March 16, 2016

If you’ve read my article about image optimization, you already know that taking advantage of file titles can make a huge difference when auditing your site’s SEO performance; the same principle applies to site URLs, product downloads, portfolio listings, news articles, etc. In fact, every clickable element on your site has its own distinct and unique Permalink. How you choose to archive your website has a significant impact on keyword counts and how your pages are being processed by search engine crawlers.

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