Marketing Platform

Unleash Your Digital "Bank"
Geezeo offers you the ability to turn data into action.

Geezeo Marketing Platform


Marketing Platform

Our Engagement Banking Platform is an integrated online marketing platform, giving you the ability to present relevant content to your online users.


Increase Share of Wallet By Putting Data To Work

Put data to work within the online banking environment. Present relevant, contextual messaging. You can even leverage data from users budgets and goals, as well as the data aggregated from over 14,000 financial institutions. PFM, regardless of the market you look to engage, is cost effective marketing. And it drives wallet size and satisfaction.

Increase Retention, Satisfaction & Brand Equity

You’ll be communicating with your audience, not talking at them. You’ll be utilizing trust-based marketing and content, in an environment you can monitor and manage. The Engagement Banking Platform allows you to present high propensity online offers that are relevant and timely. Simply put, you are bringing advocacy to life.


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In the U.S., I think digital banking is moving from icing on the cake to the cake itself.
Peter Wannemacher, Forrester Research