Customize Your PFM Experience
Blur the lines between PFM and Online Banking.

Geezeo API

Differentiate like never before.

Deliver PFM features to any channel or market. Go beyond Omni Channel.

Add PFM features to mobile, tablet, ATM, statements and more. You are limited only by imagination.

Get creative. Without limits.

Want to build a Facebook app? Perhaps you want to build a financial goals app for the iPhone? We have you covered with Geezeo’s RESTful API. If you are a financial institution or work in the Fintech space, Geezeo’s API puts you in the drivers seat. Leverage Geezeo’s API to create unique and enriched user experiences across any channel.

Create a custom and relevant user experience by:

  • Bringing PFM’s account aggregation to any channel
  • Normalizing merchant data and categorizing transactions
  • Incorporating budgeting, goals, cash flow calendar, net worth calculator and alerts into your UI

PFM Re-imagined + Reinvented.

Lower the barriers to PFM adoption by tightly integrating our account aggregation and transaction feed into any online banking, bill pay, credit card, investment or mobile platform.

  • Add widgets throughout your native platform or mobile application to create an engaging and relevant user experience.
  • Our normalized data added at the transaction level can power alerts to your service through SMS and e-mail.
  • Bring PFM performance charts to your members through monthly account statements, ATMs and kiosks.
  • Automatically append PFM data into your CRM or MCIF to create more relevant communications programs.

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Geezeo’s API truly provides the building blocks you need to create an effective and unique engagement banking experience. If you would like to learn more about integration options and possible use cases, contact us here.


Plenty of banks are incorporating personal financial management software into their Web sites, but Geezeo Inc. wants to convince them that the technology is not just an add-on.
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